Crypto Payments

Savl is a fully functional blockchain ecosystem for managing digital assets. In addition to buying, selling, and trading crypto, our app also allows you to make in-app payments for goods and services.

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Goods and services

To start paying for goods and services, open the Services tab on the Savl home screen and navigate to the Goods and services section.


Use your crypto to make purchases

Select your country or allow the Savl app to display relevant offers automatically based on your current location.

Select a category from the menu or use the search function to display other purchase options.


Purchase terms

Read and review the terms of purchase and use and select an amount to buy. Make sure that you accept and are fully satisfied with the terms and tap on the Continue button.



Enter your e-mail address to receive further instructions and messages regarding your order status. If you wish, Savl can save this e-mail for future use. Select one of your crypto wallets for payment. Make sure all the fields are filled in correctly and tap Continue.


Payment status

After making payment, you can track your order status in Orders by tapping on the clock icon in the upper right-hand corner. Information about your order will be also sent to you via e-mail to the address provided during checkout. Once completed, orders will no longer be displayed in the Active tab. Previous orders can be viewed by tapping on the Completed tab.